Sachin Ambe

Hi, I’m Sachin Ambe and thanks for visiting! I live in South Jersey, just across the bridge from the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia. I am a Software Creator, Volunteer Teacher, Yoga Enthusiast, Vedic Astrologer and a Mindfulness Practitioner.

Professionally, I am a Certified Life Coach and Success Coach and have been invested in the areas of Personal Development and Self Growth for more than a decade.

In the fall of 2018, fed up with traditional advice and methods of weight and fat loss (eat less, exercise more, avoid fat, etc.), I undertook a deeply enriching weight-loss journey and emerged out of it reborn as a new person on a holistic (physical, mental and emotional) level.

The physical metamorphosis was primarily due to being fed up from years of being overweight and then obese (236.5 pounds with a 42″ waist), discovering a Ketogenic way of eating (and Intermittent Fasting) and uncovering some of the fallacies and myths we have been taught when it comes to our nutrition and health.

The short version of my story is that I’ve lost an unbelievable 65+ pounds of fat and 10 inches around my waist in less than 8 months, purely from a revised way of eating, learning to listen to my body and being motivated and committed to stick to it (with no exercise, pills or supplements).

Sachin Ambe Keto Transformation

So many people ask me the same set of questions – how I did it, what I ate, whether they can do it and if so, how? From my interactions with them, I realized that one of my callings was to become an Ambassador for this amazing lifestyle (notice I do not call it a diet). This made me resolve to help others by becoming a Keto Ambassador  and utilize my skills as a Life and Success Coach to help them with the most common challenges they face on their journey to reinvent themselves.

As a person who has walked the walk and fought the fat, I now talk the talk as a Keto Ambassador. It would be my honor to educate and empower You to try this amazing lifestyle! My goal is to introduce people who desire to transform the way they look and feel (because of their weight) to the Ketogenic & IF lifestyle and help them with the mindset and motivation needed to achieve their goals.

My aim is to demystify Keto and Intermittent Fasting, help you make holistic (integrating mind, body and spirit) lifestyle changes and provide you with a wealth of resources so that you can achieve the results you wish for and fulfill all your dreams!

My Vision for 2019

As a Keto Ambassador, I want to empower at least 50 people wanting to make positive changes to their life through weight loss, by introducing them to the Ketogenic way of living and coaching them on their own transformation journey, to achieve their own goals and dreams.

​My Ambassadorship is built around three important pillars: MethodMindset and Motivation, and its mission is to help you achieve a LeanerLighter and Livelier  YOU!

Find me on your choice of Social Media where I serve a healthy dose of all of the above (along with a liberal dash of humor).

If you are keen on (or already are) taking the Keto journey, I invite you to join my private Facebook group where you can interact with me and a community of like-minded people, ask questions and share your own journey, victories and challenges!

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To losing weight and feeling great,