Sachin Ambe

Sachin Ambe

Sachin Ambe

Senior Java IT Professional in the Greater Philadelphia Area

About Me

I have over 25 years of solid experience in Professional Software Analysis, Design, Development and Delivery in both product and service-oriented environments. Equal parts big-picture strategic thinker and eagle-eyed analyst, my expertise stems from an innate passion to take responsibility for projects, mentor teams and meet deadlines.

I love creating things. While hard engineering problems are often intrinsically fun to tackle, I’m most attracted to solving real customer problems with a business justification. I’m looking for a senior individual contributor role where I can take on on collaborative team leadership responsibilities, and gain experience with architecture and project management.


My personal interests include:

  • Life Coaching. I have trained, motivated and helped people (one-on-one and in group settings) to make sustainable, positive life changes.
  • Personal Development. Time management, productivity hacks, emotional intelligence, the pursuit of excellence are just some of the passions I have in life in my journey to continuously evolve towards being a better version of myself.
  • Globe Trotting. I love to travel and it is my dream to visit all 7 continents in this lifetime (well, maybe minus Antarctica).

Other Things

  • Volunteer at Educontests (since 2013) in a variety of roles with the goal of creating a range of opportunities for local students through competitions, coaching and other events. Currently serving on their Executive Board as CIO with a focus on PR, Social Media and Tech related endeavors.
  • Involved in coaching and training students to learn today’s hot technical skills such as Python and Java in preparation for their future careers!

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